Vendors, guides and other touts are everywhere, but mostly, they are not cheeky or aggressive. As a fellow tourist, I admire your love for Africa and off the wall countries as my own travels have neglected Africa too much so you give me inspiration to return there again soon. She traveled across Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, The Gambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya mostly alone, did overland from Slovenia through Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania to Senegal as well as she did long term anthropological fieldwork in Northern Ghana. I have always wanted to visit Burkina Faso especially its capital Ouagadougu. Am 19. Great hotel set in beautiful garden. Is West Africa safe? Trip through some Villages in Burkina Faso "Trip through some Villages in Burkina Faso" Kiriku und die Zauberin german 01/8 But carefully – in case you want to feel the night spirit of Bobo as well, make sure you will save some of your energy for the night with live-music. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Countless labyrinths of this huge place can easily make you get lost. Bear in mind that the hassle of “guides” is unavoidable, especially outside the market. This looks like an interesting place to visit. So interesting to read about places that you didn’t know you could add to your travel list or that they existed. How to Apply for Ghana Visa in Ouagadougou? You might want to learn more about travel and backpacking in Burkina Faso and if traveling with kids to Burkina Faso, you will want to read how to explore Burkina Faso with kids. Bobo-Dioulasso is a city in Burkina Faso with a population of 903,887 (as of 2019); it is the second largest city in the country, after Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso's capital.The name means "home of the Bobo-Dioula"; while it was likely coined by French colonists to reflect the languages of the two major groups in the population, it does not capture the complex identity and ethnicity of the location. Katja, cultural anthropologist, has been intensely travelling for last 8 years and visited over 40 countries so far. Bobo Dioulasso, die zweitgrößte Stadt Obervoltas, machte einen ruhigen und gemächlichen Eindruck, ganz anders als das quirlige Ouagadougou. Jumping on our scooter from the bus station you can already see that it has such a different atmopshere to Ouaga. Similar to the one in Ouaga, but it does own even more instruments. The #1 Best Value of 45 places to stay in Bobo Dioulasso. Burkina Faso sounds fascinating and exotic and off the beaten track. Village Artisanal de Bobo-Dioulasso- VAB, Bobo-Dioulasso. Große Bäume, die entlang der Straßen Schatten spendeten, bestimmten das Bild der Stadt. 531 likes. An impressive mud mosque with wooden sticks and two tall minarets is most likely one of the biggest attractions in Burkina. Sechs Stunden im Bus und nur ein Stopp von zehn Minuten… Und das zwei Mal in drei Tagen. Wir verließen nach diesen Erkundungen Bobo Dioulasso in Richtung Banfora. It is usually referred to as Mosque de Dioulassoba – ou Dioulassoba Missiri Ba. Am nächsten Tag standen zunächst Sightseeing, dann verschiedene Erledigungen in Bobo Diolasso auf unserem Programm. View the profiles of people named Bobo Dioulasso. Die Fotos 22 Fotografien aus Burkina Faso; Weitere Informationen über Burkina Faso. In front of the mosque, there are few local guides that can give you a tour inside the mosque. Anfangs kümmerten wir uns nicht um die Absperrung, welche wir bald erreichten und rasten über den noch frischen Teer, daß er rechts und links nur so aufspritzte. Media/News Company. Nach einer guten Strecke, das Gelände fiel gerade sanft zu einem weitläufigen Tal ab, änderte sich fast schlagartig das Landschaftsbild, alles wurde jetzt grün und saftig, mit intensiver Landwirtschaft. But, certain places offer live-music only during weekends. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. The mosque was built in the late 19th century in typical Sudano -Sahelian style architecture. As an avid expert living there for so many years I am sure you have more knowledge than someone who is travelling and writing about it. In general, my time in Burkina Faso has been really nice. Villa Rose in Bobo-Dioulasso has 3-star accommodations with free bikes and a garden. Product/Service If you have only one day and one night to spend in Bobo Dioulasso, better plan your day in advance, so don’t hesitate to read how to spend 24 hours in Bobo-Dioulasso! Featuring a restaurant, free Wi-Fi, and a 24-hour front desk the property also has a terrace and a shared lounge. Bobo-Dioulasso ist die zweitgrößte Stadt und ein dasselbe Gebiet umfassendes Departement des westafrikanischen Staates Burkina Faso, Hauptstadt der Region Hauts-Bassins sowie der Provinz Houet. I just wonder what some people will offer their grand children when they are no longer able to move. Bobo-Dioulasso liegt im Südwesten des Landes und besticht nicht nur durch seine schöne Altstadt. Bobo-Dioulasso Bobo-Dioulasso ist Burkina Fasos zweitgrößte Stadt und hat ca. Bobo ist die Bezeichnung für die Ethnie, die hauptsächlich in Bobo-Dioulasso lebt, Dioula ist eine Mande-Sprache, ähnlich dem Bambara, und wird auch als … Bis Bobo Diolasso (Bobo Dioulasso) war es nicht mehr allzu weit und wir freuten uns, mal wieder auf einer guten Teerstraße fahren zu können. This was gare routière, the main railway station (Sitarail). Bobo (Burkina Faso) "Fiesta en una casa de Bobo Dioulasso. Die Freude jedoch war nur von kurzer Dauer. Also built in Sudano-Sahelian style and with a huge square in front, is in my opinion, the second most beautiful building in Bobo. Did you enjoy this article? Non-English speaking visitors will be a bit disappointed since all the descriptions are only in French. Bobo Dioulasso, city, southwestern Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta). Price Range $$$ Hours . But, don’t get me wrong, this place is a must see for sure! Were there many other visitors, I wonder? 1 Bobo-Dioulasso railway station. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Beidseitig der Strasse überragten immer mehr große Bäume die Buschlandschaft, dazwischen … A census taken in 2006 stated that 435,543 people lived in the city; 215,968 were … Hours 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Page Transparency See More. Get the Bobo-Dioulasso, Hauts-Bassins, Burkina Faso local hourly forecast including temperature, RealFeel, and chance of precipitation. Mailing Address: Archeveche, Lafiaso, B.P. Binnen Kurzem waren wir wieder von einer größeren Schar neugieriger Landleute umringt, welche unser Treiben beobachteten. In Bobo-Dioulasso erscheint seit 1998 L’Express du Faso, dessen Schwerpunkt die Berichterstattung aus Burkina Fasos Westen ist. Bis Bobo Diolasso (Bobo Dioulasso) war es nicht mehr allzu weit und wir freuten uns, mal wieder auf einer guten Teerstraße fahren zu können. The name means "home of the Bobo-Dioula"; while it was likely coined by French colonists to reflect the languages of the two major groups in the population, it does not capture the complex identity and ethnicity of the location. Abends suchten wir uns 2-3 Kilometer außerhalb der Stadt einen Lagerplatz. She plans to be connected with her favourite continent in different ways and wishes to visit Mali, Niger, Cameroon, Madagascar and Ethiopia in future. Nightlife in Bobo Dioulasso is, such as in Burkina’s capital, very rich. Balafon orchestras, traditional (calabash) drummers and dancers, electric bands – all of them find a place in Burkina’s second largest city. Usually it doesn’t find a place in book guides, but if you are at least a bit keen on architecture, you should take a walk to the Bobo’s railway station. Admission fee is, just as many others, 1000 CFA. Page Transparency See More. Auf derem sehr großen Markt fielen besonders die riesigen, mehrere Meter hoch aufgetürmten Berge mit Melonen und LKW-Ladungen voller Tomaten ins Auge. Bobo Dioulasso is a city in Burkina Faso.It is the second largest city in Burkina Faso. Die Straße war damals noch im Bau und wurde von Bobo Dioulasso sowie von Ouagadougou her geteert. While the term was likely coined by French colonists to reflect the languages of the two major groups in the population, it does not capture the complex identity and ethnicity of the location. Sanlé Sory has lived and worked in Bobo-Dioulasso for more than six decades. Als wir dann die Pässe endlich in Händen hatten, waren die Banken schon zu und wir mußten bis 16 Uhr warten. Bobo-Dioulasso With a population of more than half a million, Bobo-Dioulasso is the second largest city in Burkina Faso. What a fascinating place to visit, it looks amazing! Im Grenznest die übliche Prozedur: Gendarmerie, Polizei und Zoll. What kind of live music has been your favourite? Regierungskritische Zeitungen, die wöchentlich oder zweiwöchentlich erscheinen, sind unter anderem L’Événement , L’Indépendant , Bendré , San Finna und das satirische Wochenblatt Journal du Jeudi . Burkinabe photographer Sanlé Sory is the owner of the Volta Photo studio in Bobo-Dioulasso, where he began his photographic career in 1960 — the year Burkina Faso gained independence from France. Overall the place looks like a great place to explore. Interesting to hear the neighbourhood of the Grande Mosque referred to as Kibidoue, in 19 years that I have known Bobo, no one ever called it that. Grand Marché is located in the heart of Bobo Dioulasso and it is a place from where you can continue nearly everywhere in the city. She is deeply in love with everything related to Africa. To be honest, if you want to know more about the certain sight, a guide is the one who will serve you with information, so it doesn’t mean guides are totally unless in this case. Mixture of Burkinabe people live there whic gives the neighbourhood a special spirit. The Grande Mosquee looks a bit scary to me. When visiting any of Bobo’s main tourist attractions, your visit will be accompanied by local guides. What a great way to spend 24 hours in a city! Jonny, This is extremely wonderful, you are such an innovative explorer. Health/Beauty. Die Stadt liegt im Südwesten und ist durch die Lage in diesem fruchtbaren Teil des Landes von großer wirtschaftlicher Bedeutung. Place de la Revolution is also not called by that name, but is referred to as place de la mairie centrale (town hall place) Learn how your comment data is processed. Die République Démocratique du Burkina Faso (bis 1983 Obervolta) ist ein Binnenstaat in Westafrika und grenzt im Westen und Norden an Mali, im Nordosten des Landes liegt Niger, im Südosten Benin, im Süden Togo, Ghana und die Republik Elfenbeinküste. Ecrit et Réalisé par Patrick Martinet Une production Frame - Burkina Abonnez vous à la chaîne officielle Les Bobodiouf ici : Things to Do in Bobo Dioulasso During the Day . The Archdiocese of Bobo-Dioulasso is a Roman Catholic metropolitan see in Burkina Faso. ↵ START: Burkina Faso - Reiseberichte und Landesinformationen, ↵ Sebba und der Nordosten von Burkina Faso, ↵ In der Hauptstadt von Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou, ↵ In den Südwesten von Burkina Faso - Bobo Dioulasso, ↵ Burkina Faso - Von der Sahel zur Feuchtsavanne - Alle Fotos, ↵ Landesinformationen Republik Burkina Faso. It is worth entering the mosque and especially climb to the rooftop where you can see from closer the conic minarets. #2 Best Value of 45 places to stay in Bobo Dioulasso. Dating (according to tradition) from the 15th century, the city was engaged in continual conflict with Kong to the south, and in the 18th century it was occupied by the Kong prince Famara Wattara, who made it the capital of the surrounding region, Gwiriko. Museum doesn’t offer only written descriptions, but also provides the audio and video presentations. #3 Best Value of 45 places to stay in Bobo Dioulasso. It offers everything: from stinky fish to fragrant spices and from car parts to underwear. Everything you need to be ready to step out prepared. Safe travels. So mußten wir auf die miserable Piste ausweichen, welche direkt neben der in den relativ dichten Busch geschlagenen neuen Straße verlief. Thanks for sharing this as it’s a good start for people wanting to visit. It must take a lot of time to renovate! My last day in Bobo I was just wandering around the city. Bobo-Dioulasso Old Mosque– Right off of Place de la Revolution – there are probably many Faux Typey Types who will offer to take you there if you express interest – so finding it shouldn’t be hard. 312, Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. Hello Fatou, Thanks for stopping by and for your remarks. It is divided into many quarters of different artisans such as blacksmiths, weavers etc. Copyright 2018 Safari Junkie™ | All Rights Reserved |, 24 Hours in Kruger National Park South Africa, Tiébélé Burkinabé Village With Painted Houses, 20 Instagram Accounts Capturing Everyday Africa, Backpacking and Travel Guide to Burkina Faso. Wir nutzen die Zeit, um unsere Vorräte aufzufrischen, wechselten dann schließlich unsere Reiseschecks und brachen in Richtung Bobo Diolasso auf. ↵ In den Südwesten von Burkina Faso - Bobo Dioulasso ↵ Burkina Faso - Von der Sahel zur Feuchtsavanne - Alle Fotos ↵ Landesinformationen Republik Burkina Faso Most people just keep rotating in their motherlands for the entire lifespan ad when actually they do have the means to explore other places. Definitely, will consider when I make it to Africa! Women are not asked to cover their hair when entering the mosque. please keep it up. Thank you for sharing. Also, as far as I know, Samanke bar has been closed. It looks quite deserted on some of the pictures. Personally i think despite all West Africas reputation about security and with all that ebola a couple years back has been hugely tarnished in media. Expect some offended looks and reactions if refusing the purchase, but otherwise it is always good to chat with vendors since Burkinabe are very kind and open to foreigners. By Sanlé Sory. Boutique-hotel style. Der Große Markt von Bobo-Dioulasso gehört zu den Hauptsehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt. It’s so cool that you’re experiencing what most North Americans would consider remote, dangerous, and exciting locales! Schnell wurden deshalb bei Gegenverkehr die Fenster hochgekurbelt, trotzdem hatten wir abends dann alle einen rötlichen Teint. Eine schwere Geduldsprobe für einen Raucher wie mich – aber die zehn Minuten hatten es in sich! Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, 01 BP 1056 BOBO Dioulasso 01. Especially culturally and architecturally is incomparably richer than Ouaga. See Article History. Contact Edmark Bobo Dioulasso on Messenger. In etwa 100 KM Entfernung von Bobo lagerten wir, zur Abwechslung wieder einmal von Zuschauern völlig ungestört, unter einem gewaltigen Affenbrotbaum. Nina Zara, An excellent article. The place is abnormally crowded so don’t think you will go there for relaxing shopping. I’ve never even heard of this place! Get Directions +226 66 48 41 48. Latin Name: Bobodiulassensis. Guided tour costs additional 2000 CFA (sometimes more) and is difficult to be avoided since local guides wait all around and don’t let you walk alone. Grabado durante el viaje para la celebración de la Semana Nacional de la Cultura de Burkina Faso." Bobo Dioulasso used to be Burkina Faso’s economic capital until Ouaga replaced it. 365 Kilometer ziemlich öder Strecke durch die Trocken- und später Feuchtsavanne liegen zwischen Ouagadougou und Bobo Dioulasso. Gott sei Dank mal wieder ohne Schnaken, verbrachten wir diese Nacht. Das mit seinem nördlichen Teil in der Sahelzone liegende Land Burkina Faso nannte sich zur Zeit unserer Reise noch Haute Volta (Obervolta) und wurde, wie bekanntlich des öfteren manche Länder des afrikanischen Kontinents, gerade von einer politische Krise erschüttert. Hotel Villa Rose. When I realised I don’t know where am I, I continued walking in hope to get back to the city centre, when I saw a beautiful pure white mosque-style building. Bobo Dioulasso  used to be Burkina Faso’s economic capital until Ouaga replaced it. Er war nicht geteert und zudem herrschte, für die damaligen afrikanischen Verhältnisse, häufiger Verkehr. Bobo-Dioulasso ist die zweitgrößte Stadt des westafrikanischen Staates Burkina Faso und sogleich der Name desselben Gebiets umfassenden Departements. Bobo-Dioulasso has about 725,000 residents and an elevation of 423 metres. Da es durch diese Verzögerungen schon ziemlich spät geworden war, als wir Ouagadougou endlich verlassen konnten, suchten wir bald einen Lagerplatz. Get Directions +226 73 47 29 49. Even if you want to buy Burkinabe souvenirs or listen to traditional music, this is the right place. Free Wifi. Der Norden von Burkina Faso ist Teil der immer wieder von Dürrekatastrophen heimgesuchten Sahelzone einem Randgebiet der Sahara. I'm shocked at how calm and peaceful this country is. Open Now. Bobo Dioulasso or simply Bobo is Burkina’s second largest city. Plenty of horizontal sticks projecting from the building have two roles: they support the structure and are used as scaffold during the renovation, which is supposed to happen every year. Telephone: Show Prices. African Proverbs – 300 Inspirational Proverbs and Quotes, How Safe is Zanzibar for Solo Female Traveller, Sacred Women Travel – Women’s Journey to Kenya. Bei jedem entgegenkommendem LKW wurden unsere Fahrzeuge, von dichten undurchdringlichen roten Staubwolken eingehüllt und dadurch sogar oft zum Halt gezwungen. The mixture of all goods and services, fragrances, colours, music and people just makes the place very special and exciting. So verbrachten wir längere Zeit mit Feilschen in der örtlichen Markthalle. 412 reviews. Free parking. Nach Kurzem allerdings wurden wir von den Bauarbeitern entdeckt und kassierten mit Recht einen mächtigen Anpfiff. Wow, you’ve certainly travelled extensively through Africa. Die Freude jedoch war nur von kurzer Dauer. Many bars, night clubs, restaurants and other places offer live-music. If lucky, you will be even shown how the local millet beer (chopolo) is made. This city has a style and great atmosphere so it is easy to fall in love with. Many travellers use Bobo as their principal Burkina’s destination. Auf der Botschaft von Ghana mußten wir zwei Stunden über den Termin warten bis wir unsere Pässe bekamen. Country: Burkina Faso. Der Name setzt sich zusammen aus den Wörtern Bobo, Dioula und Sô. If you have only one day and one night to spend in Bobo Dioulasso, better plan your day in advance, so don’t hesitate to read how to spend 24 hours in Bobo-Dioulasso! I left the south-west of Burkina Faso for the country's second biggest city Bobo-Dioulasso. I like how you also went to the museum and checked out the railway station. The Mosque looks intriguing, I have not seen this kind of architecture before. A prominent example of Sudano-Sahelian architecture built during colonial times, is centrally located at Place Tiefo Amoro. All photos in this post by Katja Cof. Aus dem geplanten Versenden unserer mittlerweile gesammelten Souvenirs per Post wurde jedoch nichts, da das in Burkina Faso extrem teuer war, wie wir auf dem örtlichen Postamt erfahren mußten. Free parking. Free Wifi. Without a guide, one can’t enter the mosque! Contact Infoshow Bobo.Info on Messenger. Auf der Nationalstrasse 1 in Richtung Bobo-Dioulasso, der zweitgrößten Stadt Burkinas mit ca. The easiest way to get there is to take a (shared) city taxi or, once you reach the city centre, to take a walk. Aber alle waren sie sehr höflich, fast sogar zuvorkommend, der Schlagbaum öffnete sich schließlich und wir verließen dieses angenehme Land mit seinen freundlichen Menschen. Bobo Dioulasso Die Feuchtsavanne, endlich wieder alles grün! Kibidwé is an old part of the city. Bobo Dioulasso Tourism: Tripadvisor has 650 reviews of Bobo Dioulasso Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Bobo Dioulasso resource. It’s so much greener and feels more relaxed. The Konsa house which is the ritual cente of a senior house of the Zara (or Bobo-Jula) group In the 19th century the Kong empire disbanded, Gwiriko was rent by revolts, and Bobo Dioulasso … Vicariate Apostolic of Bobo-Dioulasso. Coordinates Bobo-Dioulasso is a city in Burkina Faso with a population of 903,887 (as of 2019); it is the second largest city in the country, after Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso's capital. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Historical Details. Die Landesfläche beträgt 274 200 km². Bobo-Dioulasso is the second largest city in the country, after Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso's capital. Villa Bobo. Bobo-Dioulasso, known as Bobo to everyone, is the second city of Burkina Faso with a population of about half a million people. It looks like something out of an adventure movie. The metropolitan archbishop is Archbishop Paul Yembuado Ouédraogo, appointed in 2010. Der beamtete Kerl wollte von allen meinen Stempeln wissen, zu welchen Land sie gehörten und ob ich schon mal in Lybien war usw. Prefecture Apostolic of Bobo-Dioulasso. 300 000 Einwohner, bemerkt man den Übergang von der Trockensavanne zur Feuchtsavanne. The best way to find a right place at the certain day is to ask locals – they will know best which of plenty places offer the best performance on a specific day. Hinter diesem Ort, in Richtung der Elfenbeinküste, wurde der Weg katastrophal. It is great to read something about unusual and unpopular places. The market is divided into many sectors, but sooner or later you will get lost. Just in case, to mention a few of the most popular: Les Bambous, Macoumba, Le Samanké, Le Bois d’Ébène. Grande Mosquée lies in Kibidoué district, near to the Place de la Révolution. 500.000 Einwohner. It looks really interesting! Katja please this is really great and thanks for sharing your adventures to us all. Join Facebook to connect with Bobo Dioulasso and others you may know. Show Prices. The wooden sticks give it a unique appearance. Dezember 1980 erreichten wir auf der guten Straße das Provinzstädtchen Banfora wo wir eine Pause einlegten. Die Straße war damals noch im Bau und wurde von Bobo Dioulasso sowie von Ouagadougou her geteert. ( updated Jan 2021 ) It has much more to offer than Burkina’s capital. I’ve been to East Africa but haven’t quite made it to West Africa. Always Open. This museum gives a visitor and interesting introduction to Burkinabe (or West African) music tradition. I love being able to see all the fantastic places which are so far from Asia (where I’m living). This historical site is an interesting place to see. Das Landschaftsbild ist hauptsächlich von einem bis zu 300 m hohen Plateau b… Latin Name: Bobodiulassensis. If you only want to see and photograph it from the outside, it is possible, but if you want to have a look from inside and walk to the rooftop, you will have to pay the entrance fee (1000 CFA + guide gift) and a guide will take you inside. Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, 00226. I don’t know too much about Africa so thanks for putting a lot of these places on the map for me. It doesn’t mean you can’t see most of the attractions without a guide, but sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of them. I am not fact checking each guest post as I trust is accurately written by default specially posts by Katja whom I trust and respect her as a traveller and soon to be anthropologist. Allmählich tauchten auch bis jetzt nicht vorkommende große Baumarten im Landschaftsbild auf. Looks like a day well spent. Guides will insist on taking you around the market and vendors will insist on selling you their goods. If you want to visit all the important sights in this city, the whole of the day you be busy. Reiseroute und Landesinformationen Landkarten - Gesundheit - Währung - Wetter Weitere interessante und nützliche Webseiten zum Land Burkina Faso Linkempfehlungen zu sehenswerten Videos Erected: 15 December1927. It is a charming place, with relaxed atmosphere, many cafés and restaurants, night clubs with all kinds of music. The name means "home of the Bobo-Dioula." Today, Bobo Dioulasso still remains an important business place. Materials used for building are solely natural: mud and wood.

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