One of the largest preserved parcels of the Outer Banks, the National Seashore stretches across 70 miles of shoreline, encompassing seven villages on Hatteras Island, and providing visitors with miles of undisturbed, scenic beaches as well as some of the prettiest natural drives on the East Coast. The good news is that the permit station is located just half mile from Cape Point, at the Visitors Center adjacent to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and there is no waiting period so a day-tripper can obtain a permit, and then immediately go cruising. Cape Point in Buxton is the smallest it has been in years due to erosion and wave action. Each campsite is equipped with a paved parking pad, picnic table and charcoal grill. Create or Claim your Page | Submit Your Content. Or if this home is already rented for your week, take a look at its sister homes 888 … Sprinkle with about ¼ This is especially true for fishermen who are bogged down with rods, reels, bait, and tackle boxes, as the long hike along the beach can be an exhausting one when weighed down with a lot of equipment. Visitors will also find a drastic rate change for most accommodations during the winter seasons, and have their pick of hotels, condos, or rental homes with hot tubs and fireplaces just waiting to be enjoyed. Cape Point Bait Co, founded in 1996, is a leading wholesaler of frozen fish, shellfish, frozen fishing bait and other sportfishing related products. Only available at certain times of year, (again, usually from the late fall until the early spring), the geography of this section of shoreline combined with the location of the sun creates the illusion of the sun setting over the Atlantic waves. It is famous for its soft sandy beaches, renowned fishing opportunities, excellent surfing, coastal lighthouses and dynamic coastal processes. A 4WD vehicle has always been generally required to access Cape Point, as it is located a good mile away from any paved public parking areas or roads. © 2021 Outer Banks This Week All rights reserved. When it's open, Cape Point is one of the busiest 4WD access ramps on the beach, with dozens of fishermen heading out or coming back with coolers full of fresh catches. There are no active giveaways at this time. Update your listing by messaging us Cape Point is where two major North American currents come together. LIVE LOCAL UPDATES! As such, follow the same guidelines you would on the road. On your next trip to Hatteras Island, plan an outdoor excursion to Cape Point to see what all the fuss is about. But those extra attractions, including the best fishing and shelling on the beach, is what attracts visitors back year after year. Complete with running water and a long table suited for multiple anglers, this is a convenient locale to get your fresh catches cleaned before lugging them back home. This locally owned motel offers standard rooms with a microwave, mini-fridge and coffeemaker in the room, and efficiency apartments and townhouses with full kitchens. Like the Outer Banks This Week Facebook page to stay connected! The reason why fishing is so exceptional on Cape Point is simple geography. Cape Point wasn’t closed last year, however, park officials say a portion of it has closed almost every year for almost a decade now to protect nesting birds. We have our ear to the ground, making us the best OBX Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.... Powered by the OneBoat® Community Content Management System. Ask any long-time Hatteras Island fisherman about Cape Point, and they'll gladly tell you about incredible catches, near-misses, and the occasional vehicle getting stuck in the deep, shifting sands. The Gulf Stream is a warm southern current that attracts subtropical and big game species, while the Labrador Current is a cold natured current that originates in the northern section of the continent. This way, even in the off-chance that you do accidently get stuck, at least you don't have to worry about incoming tides or water as well. Rent Cape Point Retreat - #889, a charming 7 bedroom Ocean Front vacation home in Buxton, on the beautiful Outer Banks, North Carolina Surf of Sound Realty. Boarders should be mindful, however, not to get too close to Cape Point itself, as besides disturbing the strings of fishing lines that are in the waters, this combination of shifting currents can easily produce rip currents, creating a dangerous if not deadly environment. Keep to the right, (there will be well marked tire tracks to follow to and from the shoreline), be considerate of other drivers, and go slowly, especially along the more crowded stretches of beach where families may be lounging or playing close to the traffic. As for an attraction that everyone can enjoy, Cape Point and South Beach have a remarkable feature that's hard to find anywhere else on the Outer Banks - an oceanfront sunset. The campground puts you within walking distance of arguably the best fishing and surfing on the east coast. If you do get stuck on Cape Point, there's no need to panic. If you look at a map of Hatteras Island, Cape Point will literally stick out like a sore thumb. The one-of-a-kind views of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore are not to be missed, and a swimming pool, hot tub, free WiFi, cable TV and the addition of more, The Cape Hatteras Motel has 37 rooms, including oceanfront and soundside rooms. The Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream meet just off the Point, making Cape Point … Cape Point Estate located in the Heart of Buxton, just off of Old Light House Road. To minimize your chances of getting stuck, be sure and decrease your tire pressure to about 15-20psi before heading out on the sand. With that in mind, however, hikers or visitors who just like a long beach walk can certainly access the Point by foot, just expect a good hour or so round trip hike along the shoreline. Today, the trip is clearly a bit easier, and vacationers can simply follow NC Highway 12 across Bodie Island and the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge, and continue on all the way to town of Buxton. '); Visitors to Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands will simultaneously be visiting the gorgeous Cape Hatteras National Seashore. 'here' + '' +'. The drum have several big seasons on Hatteras Island, generally in the spring and late fall, and when the "drum run" is on, anglers can reel fish after fish from the massive school of drum that are clamoring by. One of four National Park Service campgrounds within Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Cape Point Campground is near the oceanfront next to Cape Hatteras Light Station and Cape Point. But even casual vacationers will find a world of fun just waiting on the beaches of Cape Point and South Beach, and visitors will find exceptional shelling, great oceanfront paddle-boarding or kayaking, and plenty of sand to spread out a beach towel. If there are no other vehicles around, then simply call a local towing company who can easily help get you out of the sand and on your way, like Cape Point Exxon which is located in Buxton just a couple minutes away. |, Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills & Kitty Hawk. Cape Point visitors enjoying a walk on Aug. 1, 2019. The best time to go shell hunting is in the early morning hours, before too many people arrive, as South Beach's status as one of the best shelling holes on the beach is one of the island's worst kept secrets. Restrooms, unheated showers, potable water, a recycling center and a dump station are available to campers. Additional information can be found at the park's, Due to recent interventions from the NPS to protect piping plover and American oystercatcher breeding grounds, Cape Point can be seasonally closed to vehicles, pedestrians, or all of the above.