Twisted Love Kakashi X Reader X Obito On Hold Kakashi Hatake. Follow Rei Ducibella on her journey to become a legendary ninja, along with her best friend, Naruto Uzumaki. this is a alternate time line where naruto is not born by minato namikaze and kushina uzumaki but born in the well known clan the Uchiha clan where he is the brother o... Aclaraciones aqui Naruto es Hijo de Mikoto y fugaku Oct 26, 2020 - ~ #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad ... Madara Uchiha ~ #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad. Naruto : Uchiha Chronicles. What if Naruto was born in the Uchiha clan and was scorned due to being Izuna Uchiha's son and Madara Uchiha's nephew by the whole village? Hope you're all having a nice day and hope you're all doing well during lockdown! Naruto is in the academy and gets bullied a lot. Naruto (OC) was born in the Uchiha Clan and is the younger brother of Obito and Shisui. 569. (naruto) After he died from an accident, he met an old face from his meeting with the World God. The true heir to the Uchiha throne returns to the hidden leaf village after... Arisu Senju is the direct descendant of Senju Tobirama. Photo, and Naruto do not belong to me just the plots. His dying wish was for the village to see Naruto as a hero for keeping the Kyuubi at ba... my first story so don't judge to hard. After all, Itachi had promised Shisui to take care o... [COMPLETED] Anime One Shots And Lemons Various X Reader Selfish Requests. Psychotic genius reborn in the world of Naruto. what if naruto unlocked the sharingan infront of villagers? Everyone was happy except for a group of peopl... What if Minato didn't seal half of the Kyuubi's chakra in himself and instead sealed it all in Naruto? Mar 26, 2021 - Explore leslie21 's board "Mitsuki x Sarada" on Pinterest. After that, the family returned to Konoha to raise Sarada, where … I have my reasons. Naruto tendra los mismo poderes de Sasuke Naruto is neglected and disowned at the age of 16. A certain girl takes pity on him and him and they become friends. Hey guys! He's unhappy with his life, it's the reason as to why he was barely in the village, which only made hi... Mika Uchiha is the heir to the Uchiha clan, and she hates it. Cold, distant, smart and talented - that is Uchiha Shizuka, a girl that got spared by Itachi, who took her with him. Through Indra, the Uchiha inherited Hagoromo's \"eyes\", granting them powerful spiritual energy and chakra. Her close friend Naka Uchiha was able to use Izanagi and in time, became obsessed with its power. agrego mas informacion pronto. Se que el título esta largo pero ya verán porque jeje The Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze had sealed the beast into an unknown newborn girl. When Naruto was around two months old, the Nine Tailed Fox attacked and killed a lot of people in the Village. AU, Naruto was born as an Uchiha,but through some choices, shed his name for a better understanding of his village. He saved the village at the cost of his own life. I do not own Naruto or the plot. Her father pressures her to be perfect, even after her brother Itachi comes along and takes her place as he... Himeko Uchiha is Itachi's child hood friend, along with Shisui. Features Incest if I don't change my mind. UCHIHA MADARA WAS BORN WITH 5 BROTHERS AND 3 DIED AND THE SHARINGAN WAS ONCE AGAIN AWAKENED IN THE 3 REMAINING BROTHERS BUT AFTER BEING GIVEN A MISSION NARUTO IS BANISH... Just one shots of Narusasu. She and... Only Keiko and her plot. During a mission she met kakashi Hatake and a bond starts to form . Kanao, the cute tsuguko of Shinobu Koccho, died a hero, after protecting humanity by helping to kill the final boss and his minions. In the world where he's a jinchuuriki, life doesn't get any worse. Meanwhile he tries to resist the Curse of Hatred just like his family had done. "poor soul he'll be dead after his first mission" Uzumaki Naruto (8014) Uchiha Sasuke (7921) Haruno Sakura (3083) Hatake Kakashi (2215) Uchiha Itachi (1857) Nara Shikamaru (1203) Hyuuga Hinata (1153) Inuzuka Kiba (1129) Yamanaka Ino (1071) Gaara (Naruto) (991) Exclude Relationships Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto (8992) Rated M for violence and possible lemons later. See more ideas about boruto, naruto, uchiha. Read... Mizuke uchiha is the sister of sarada, daughter to Sakura and Sasuke uchiha. The Naruto story told by someone other then Masashi Kishimoto. And has knowledge of Naruto universe. They slaughtered the entire clan. Hope you're all safe and healthy! 'Uchiha Ma... "he's so weird" Ahora la descripción : ☟︎︎︎☟︎︎︎ Hyuuga Neji/Uzumaki Naruto (27) Uchiha Itachi/Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto (21) Haruno Sakura/Uchiha Sasuke (16) Hatake Kakashi/Umino Iruka (15) Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto (13) Exclude Additional Tags Romance (58) Alternate Universe (46) Alternate Universe - … shisui uchiha x oc She inherited the role of Kage, for Konoha. What if Naruto was an uchiha and had the sharingan What if Naruto had the rinnegan warning the people that don't like godlike Naruto don't read this fanfiction. ... Pin By Rajveer Singh On Naruto Uchiha Naruto And Sasuke Sasuke. She was brought into the Uchiha clan after her parents death and sealing with secrets made public. He enrolled in the Academy to help him achieve that goal, where he developed a one-sided rivalry with Kakashi Hatake, whose natural talent and popularity he was jealous of. Mar 13, 2021 - Read Chapter 82 from the story His beloved...(Itachi X Reader [Modern]) by digitoxine (Digi_Uchiha) with 823 reads. With a broken heart (y/n) joined the black ops to get back on her feet . Obito grew up not knowing who his parents were; in the anime, he was left in the care of his grandmother. Madara Uchiha Naruto Uzumaki Indra Naruto Naruto And Sasuke Gaara Boruto Indra And Ashura Anime Naruto Naruto Cute. Witnessing and later finding out about the truth of the Clan Massacre, he instead chooses to protect the Leaf. (Under rewrite). Saved by a Masked man and then is taught by his GrandFather then Uchiha Itachi, then is tasked to protect Itachi's little sister She was born while Sakura accompanied Sasuke on his travels, and was delivered with the help of Karin in one of Orochimaru's hideouts; as such, there is no record of her birth at the Konoha Hospital. The Uchiha are descendants of Indra Ōtsutsuki, the elder son of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. Naruto is the grandson of Izuna Uchiha so he lives with the Uchiha everyone except Shisui, Itachi and Satsuki look at him like a weapon so he gets trained by Shisui and... Naruto the great magic lord 23.3K 247 47 All rights go to Masashi Kishimoto shippuden, itachi, ceo. This is a naruhina story Read to find out what events will unfold in this story #godlike #namikaze #naruto #naruxhina #uchiha Witnessing and later finding out about the truth of the Clan Massacre, he instead chooses to protect the Leaf. PARTE 3 ( TEORÍA ) - Duration: 1:44:49. He came ba... Hikari, prodigy and first female leader of the Uchiha, stumbles across Madara's compound before the Senju's call truce. I do not own pic! Sarada is the only child of Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha. And well I think you know who the girls will be if not then it'll be Naruto, Kiba, Neji, Lee, Shino, Choji, Shikamaru, And Sai … ☮︎☞︎︎︎ Sinonimps o como se llamen :v ☜︎︎︎☮︎ |2/4/18-7/21/19|. Naruto uchiha Fanfiction. Naruto Uchiha. Naruto (OC) was born in the Uchiha Clan and is the younger brother of Obito and Shisui. Feeling alone in the world, Obito dreamed of becoming Hokage so that the people of the village would acknowledge his existence. "how did he Graduate?" she was born from a flame, Naruto X Reader X Sasuke Lemon Wattpad. She was determined to save him from it and so ultimately cast Izanamion him in order to get him to see the error of his ways and come to accept fate. Being neglected and hated by everyone doesn't help his situation either. Minato named Menma the Namikaze Heir and named Mito the Uzumaki Heir. She was given a job by Itachi's father and her father to protect Itachi with her life. (y/n) Uchiha joined the anbu black ops after her former lover Itachi Uchiha assassinated the entire clan , also attempting to kill you as well . All but two. uchiha naruto sasuke itachi sakura uzumaki kakashi konoha narutoshippuden akatsuki sasukeuchiha madara anime haruno team7 narutouzumaki obito senju shisui ninja 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot How will Naruto Universe deal with another Madara Uchiha? This'll be a Naruto fanfic a gender bender fanfic to be exact which means male Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Tenten, and Temari will be boys including Sasuke, Itach, and Gaara. Sangronis Vengador Teorias 35,243 views As part of the so-called \"Curse of Hatred\" first displayed by Indra, Uchiha are subject to powerful emotions: these emotions typically start as love for a friend or family member that then become overpowering hatred when the object of their love is lost. Like her ancestor, she is a strong believer of the Will of Fire. As a way to keep a connection with Sasuke, despite being happy with him, Karin kept Sarada's umbilical cord. What could go wrong? crossposted in wattpad; Crossposted in Foxteller; Summary. Naruto is a female with her mother being a Uchiha. Of course Itachi w... Story of an Uchiha who became the Princess of the Uchiha clan when a marriage was arranged for one of the sons of the leader of the Uchiha clan. Disclaimer: The use of the plot, Naruto, which is a manga/anime series, pictures, and much more, that is not related to my OC or the plot I have incorporated, belong to their owners. It was meant to be a joke at first. However as the years progress and her love for Ma... [Sasuke X Reader] He also became a close friend of Rin Nohara, whom he eventually fell in love with. My Sensei Is A Lazy Pervert Kakashi X Reader Lemon Naruto. More information... More like this Features Good Sasuke, Useful Sakura, and Smart Naruto. Jutsu written in English, but releases will be in Japaneseish Naruto language. No... On the night of the Uchiha massacre, Itachi was, of course, accompanied by who he believed was Uchiha Madara. what if minatos father was madara uchiha, making him narutos grandfather? But maybe a certain few peopl... Naruto has an older sister, who is 5 years older than him, Miyuki Uzumaki! The Uchiha clan - a prestigious noble clan of Konohagakure, renowned for their infamous and deadly kekkei genkai, the sharingan. She is a perfect combination of there parents, kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. Meanwhile he tries to resist the Curse of Hatred just like his family had done. She presumably died either before, or during the Uchiha Clan Downfallalong with the rest of her clansmen. She was successful in this and Naka was able to finally accept the truth and break the endless loop the technique had plunged him into. cross posted on wattpad. burning everything in her wake. Saved by Wattpad. Summary : AU : What if Naruto was born in the time-line with those of the Sannin? Naruto y sus demás compañeros estaba... Naruto is Shisui Uchiha son and after he died naruto unlocked the mangekyou sharingan and itachi using his sum what known healing justu inplants shisui sharingan into na... Naruto has Uchiha DNA from his great great grandfather and when it mixes with his uzumaki DNA that's close in genetics to the senjus it creates the Rinnegan. ¿Que Hubiera Pasado Si Minato Sellaba a Madara y a Kurama en Naruto? Lee las historias más populares de naruto en Wattpad, la plataforma social de narrativa más grande del mundo. The Fourth Hokage sealed the Kyuubi No Yoko inside Naruto, he left a dying wish. uchiha madara was born with 5 brothers and 3 died and the sharingan was once again awakened in the 3 remaining brothers but after being given a mission naruto is banish... ems rinnegan "I heard he can't use Chakra" But when he got to know her, she was the nerdiest girl at school with an attitude parallel to his own, or maybe eve... Sasuke comes to discover that maybe Sakura wasn't the one for him.