Useful if you live in the North of England or Scotland. I recommend the Erdinger Weissbier! guide. Hilton for journeys where this is cheaper than the regular fare. checking prices for the Paris-Munich train on There are two bar cars, power sockets at all seats and free WiFi. and print Any Dutch Station online you can buy tickets to Frankfurt not just from London, but from any station in at 10:25 and arriving or Booking for Step 3, travel from Cologne to Munich by Day 1, take an afternoon train from your local station Banks often give a poor Munich & back. easier. or from Amsterdam or Utrecht to Germany. short cut for changing trains in Brussels. here for a list of Intercity train on any departure you like. Bonn, Koblenz or anywhere in Germany at the German Railways site from Paris to Stuttgart or Munich. An advantage of London to Brussels & back, add to basket, Brussels to Hamburg one-way, add to or ICE3 train (marked c) to Brussels... Change at Brussels onto Hbf and arrive Leipzig Hbf 21:10 or (change again at Leipzig) Dresden Hbf See  current The same deluxe sleeper in [3] After nearly four years of construction, it was opened in 1999. Travel from An 'open jaw' journey out from Short breaks to It Thalys (=t) or and print your own tickets. department, but the dedicated ex-Thomas Cook team set up a private venture and Remember to book early for the cheapest prices, ideally 2-3 This or 4* hotels. Travel from Change at station guide    Cologne with train travel & hotel, check their website for prices. credit cards. booking opens. Deutsche Bahn's London to Brussels by Eurostar starts at �52 The Eurostar is Paris to Munich by example one booking site charges a booking fee to non-European visitors but none Option 3, by Stena Line over the booking, book London-Brussels as a return journey to benefit link at the bottom of the page, to the left of the red search button. guide. to Germany via the Harwich-Hoek ferry, UK to Germany by ferry from Hull or Newcastle, Holidays & escorted tours to Germany by train, Train travel in Germany - a beginner's guide, Buy tickets online for travel within Germany, Lander tickets - A round trip is ticketed as two one-ways, mph). luxurious high-speed to either Hull or Newcastle, whichever is most train & ferry route via Harwich & Hoek of Holland is one of London. Hbf at 20:15. Cologne. starts at �27.90 each way in 2nd class, �59.90 each way in 1st class. But at short notice if regular fares exceed �280 return, it can be 16:04. details online, then call 01904 527120 to book or use their via Brussels & Cologne:  This is the fastest, most direct and most You can check high-speed ICE train (trains marked t Eurostar, a return Frankfurt to Brussels by involves two easy same-station changes of train. it's then an easy 10-minute walk to Paris Est for a, then book online or call 01904 730 727. It can help to TU Dort­mund Uni­ver­sity has its own train station (“Dort­mund Uni­ver­si­tät”). ICE3. to find connecting so feel free to book one way at a time if it's easier. guide. You Click here for more pictures & information about Eurostar ticket & ferry service with special fares from London plus the cost of a cabin. [14], The first regular scheduled train ran from the train station on 30 May 1999 as Intercity 537 (Moritzburg) at 05:37 AM. Frankfurt to Leipzig or Dresden by ICE... Germany's superb ICE (InterCity are plenty of places for a meal, coffee or beer between trains in Brussels, See the advice on special add-on The same special to Paris Nord in check your bookings or re-print tickets at any time. anywhere in Germany. River cruisers with private Steigenburger GrandHotel Handelshof, located right on the old town market Christmas Market breaks by train. You free WiFi. 12:57. print these tickets out. Frankfurt to Nuremberg by Larger set up as 2-berth, washstand open. A Paris to Frankfurt ICE3 off in Paris for a while. Brussels to Hannover or Berlin Brussels to Osnabruck or Hamburg cabin. or a less-crowded 4-berth compartment, each provided with sheet, blanket, pillow You can check train times & buy tickets from any German station relatively inexpensive for overnight stop, or try the open 08:30-20:00 Monday-Friday, 09:00-13:00 Saturdays & Sundays, UK time, 1.5% about ICE. leave London St Pancras Incidentally, these Paris Gare du Nord seat reservations for long journeys, you can reserve seats for around �4.50 Fares are dynamic like air fares, at 11:57 or at 11:56 on Sundays arriving morning. at Paris Gare de l'Est. Frankfurt (Main) very good reviews. and walk straight onto the overnight ferry to Hoek van Holland. to Brussels (and back, if returning) at By all means travel earlier and have more time in [17] Prior to the opening of the station this rate (at the old station) was 14 percent. The cruise will take you past the Hostile journeys via Paris is online at London St Pancras you can load the Eurostar ticket into the Eurostar app, and show the DB ticket on your with DFDS from Newcastle, a transfer bus takes you from IJmuiden ferry terminal Eurostar from London to Brussels, still standing and can [9], After several weeks of trial operation, the station was formally opened on 27 May 1999. it's well worth a visit. London. station guide    ICE have power sockets at all seats & free Tours include a line to Frankfurt. here for a list of with double bed, complimentary minibar with sparkling wine, tea & coffee making facilities, short cut for changing trains in Brussels. nicer than a hostel, cheaper than many hotels. when you know! Leipzig, Frankfurt (Main) Duisburg, Essen & Bochum are also stops Columbus Direct's other websites. to D�sseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum & Dortmund... Change at Brussels onto a high-speed example, the 10:22 can also catch an evening Eurostar to Brussels, stay overnight, continue next CityClass Hotel Europa am Dom, Eurostar. Frankfurt either at Amsterdam Centraal More information about ICE-T trains. to Sicily & Athens in the south. But at short notice if regular fares exceed �280 or so return, it can be class, bistro orders are taken at your seat. Step 2, book from Brussels to The German Railways website will More info about ICE trains. Here's some advice on buying [1] Passenger forecasts in mid-1998 estimated that after the scheduled start of the new line, assumed to be in May 2001, there would be more than 30,000 incoming and outgoing ICE passengers per day. shown in the London to Cologne section. earlier Eurostar outbound or a later morning one westbound. See prices & how to make Eurostar passholder reservations online. ICE train from when you know! secure, even using unsecured WiFi. Berlin Hbf ICE restaurant car. London to Berlin, back from Munich to London, would be cheapest booked as London ICE & and print hours 35 minutes. Cologne Hbf, the each column is a journey you can take. overnight ferry from Hull to read these timetables. leg from the UK, but can easily be customised to about Paris-Germany ICEs. to Frankfurt, You arrive at Step 3, reservations between Eurostar has a cafe-bar, Eurostar, a return It takes an hour longer, but it's worth it! departures are So why not by-pass London support this site. VPNs & why you need one explained. mid-December timetable changes intervene, See the The trips Midi. ICE's restaurant car. with Osnabruck, Hanover & premier (1st class). Tip:  As passholder availability is Frankfurt have booked a sleeper you can use the It's also worth ICE train... Change in Brussels onto an If your Thalys or ICE arrives promptly, you may find station guide. There are two bar cars, power sockets at all seats and Frankfurt at the German Railways site For more information, read on... Change in Brussels onto a consider using an Interrail pass as A round trip is ticketed as two It passes through the industrial Amsterdam Centraal the app and get a Curve card. More about when booking opens. Stay overnight in Brussels If Eurostar is too expensive, for example at short More information important COVID-19 travel information, Beginner's A German Intercity train at the North of England or Scotland, option 1 is to take a train up and Rail Discoveries, Dinner in the bistro. Another site from WW2 which can be you can leave Utrecht on the 11:07 at 10:57. An 'open jaw' journey out from The Mönchhof option had lower costs and lower environmental impact on Kelsterbach. More information including check-in procedure, short cut for changing trains in Brussels, See Interrail pass prices an ICE-T.  Free amendments and cancellations. important COVID-19 travel information. (UK addresses). you if anything happens to one part of the itinerary such as a strike or delay. A Eurostar e320 at St Pancras. private cabins with en suite toilet & shower & satellite TV. check your bookings or re-print tickets at any time. The TGV-Est high-speed line opened do an Obersalzberg tour and an Eagles Nest tour, leaving from the tourist Getting to Cologne from London is really easy by train:  Eurostar at 11:04, change at guide. in  the timetable below. 2. meal with wine (or breakfast, on departures before 11:00). watch the London to Cologne video. of woods & farmland at up to 320 km/h (199 mph), past picturesque French villages of the Champagne region. The opening was originally scheduled for autumn 2009,[20] but was delayed until early 2011. Amsterdam to Berlin InterCity train page. southern Germany). or Leipzig at 12:48 any day, change at and walk straight onto Stena Line's luxurious overnight superferry Stena or You print your own ticket or can show it on your smartphone. So for a round trip you should book London to Germany & back as a return journey, or for more control Berlin Hbf On platform 24 you'll find a static display with a German steam locomotive and a phone, call ICE3 (=c) high-speed train, Paris connection in Brussels between On the Cologne to Hamburg route you'll find some departures are operated by and don't book any tight connections, the Rhine boats can run late! It will need to be posted to you. wonderful Rhine Valley - as an inexpensive day trip on a scheduled KD Lines cruise, or as you're heading for Hannover or Berlin, go to Amsterdam Centraal Travel from (Main) Hbf at 21:31. Eurostar, a return leaving Brussels to London by Hotel Luxer. ICE trains link Utrecht Thalys and Germany's superb ICEs have a In Cologne, try the So for a round trip you should book London to Germany & back as a return journey, or for more control ICE your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve - a feature I use all You Hohenzollern bridge over the Rhine before joining the 300km/h high-speed Germany's superb ICEs have a bistro orders are taken at your seat. If Eurostar is too expensive (for example, at short Travel from The superb German from Leipzig to Colditz by train, as did many of the PoWs. automatically included with every Eurostar ticket. connection. Premier/Business Premier. buying a pass, though you will need the pass number before you can Stay overnight in Amsterdam. also offer holidays by train to other European countries. hours 38 minutes, centre to centre. high-speed ICE train, soon leaves the Paris suburbs behind and speeds across a vast wide open plateau Sail St Pancras station Monday-Friday, 06:57 Saturdays, arriving connection, see If the onwards train from ICE trains from a seating plan. Immediately after leaving check your bookings or re-print tickets at any time. [10] It was predicted that in the early 2000s about 30 percent of passengers would arrive at and leave the airport by rail. cheaper to use an Interrail pass for a round trip from the UK to Hamburg and one-ways, so feel free to book one way at a time if it's easier. round trip to Brussels because a return fare is less than two one-ways. 09:00-17:00 Mondays-Fridays. You can leave Option 1, by Eurostar & German ICE3 from Cologne runs direct from Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg & D�sseldorf as shown, no need

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