Former UK ambassador: CIA sent people to be ‘raped with broken bottles’, Lou Dobbs’ Spokesman, Knight of Malta Robert Dilenschneider, Profiles of America’s Beloved TV Celebrities (44): Gloria “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” Estefan & the CIA, Profiles of America’s Beloved TV Celebrities (14): Good Thinking John Voight, Profiles of America’s Beloved TV Celebrities (5): Kiefer Sutherland – Son of Leftist Donald Sutherland – Sells Out to the CIA and Rupert Murdoch, In the ’80s, McCain was Director of an Organization with Ties to Nazis, Death Squads and Iran Contra, The CIA, Drugs, the Death of Cass Elliot, and the Reason Sharon Tate Died, Evergreen International Aviation, Inc.’s Ties to the CIA, Terrorism, Iraq War … and Fox News (SourceWatch), General George S. Patton was Deeply Anti-Semitic & Believed in Superiority of the ‘Nordic Race’, Fascists in White Coats: The CIA’s Dr. Louis Jolyon West & the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Instititute, BMW Expresses ‘Profound Regret’ for Nazi Ties in Public Apology, Joseph Goebbels’ Inlaws are Germany’s Richest Family, Nazi Goebbels’ Descendants are Hidden Billionaires. well…my point exactly. Because there cannot be any honest progress without honest admissions. We could have bled (western) Germany white with compensation and reparations – just like the 1919 Versailles Treaty. They only acquired BMW later on after the war had long ended. Hitler converted German factories to build his weapons as well, though he did it in the most dispicable, disgusting and inhumane way possible. The Dearborn Independent) was pretty scathing about the old coot’s obsessions. But I do tire of belated apologies made on the behalf of one’s ancestors, such as still happens today with the slavery issue in the US and Africa. The Silence of the Quandt Family highlighted how patriarch Günther Quandt, grandfather to the generation now controlling BMW (BMWG.DE), built a blood-stained wartime fortune on the back of slave labor and how he sidestepped postwar recrimination. That’s about the same number of 1948 refugees that Palestinians claim. Can you give me a brief synopsis of the history of the “Palestinians” from the 17th to the 19th century? War was Hell. Günther Quandt first married Antoine … Juli 1881 in Pritzwalk, Landkreis Ostprignitz; 30. This is not about all the ‘what about”. Sounds more like a shakedown to me, as the lefties always bitched about the fact the Himmler told all industrialists to get their money out at the end of 1944 and East Germany didn’t (unsurprizingly) get any of that when it came back. The Arabs preferred to keep the Palestinians as outsiders to their societies, a festering sore and perpetual grievance to be used against Israel. Many German companies including BMW, Volkswagen (VOWG.DE), and Deutsche Bank (DB) already have explored their own wartime collaboration and misdeeds during the Nazi era, publishing books, turning over documentation to experts, and paying millions of dollars into funds distributed to forced-labor survivors. As pointed out by 009 the Quandt family were involved with the nazi’s but didn’t actually own BMW at that time. No, profiteers aren’t just making ordinary profits during wartime. Hear no evil…. founder of BMW. This has a taint of other long hate battles that people seem to want to rage on forever. Bavaria is where Nazism was born. Günther Quandt, né le 28 juillet 1881 à Pritzwalk (province de Brandebourg), mort le 30 décembre 1954 (à 73 ans) au Caire , est un industriel allemand de la famille Quandt. I don’t think it’s fair to characterize “the Ford family” based on Henry’s actions. den Spitzenplatz auf der Liste der 500 reichsten Deutschen ein. THis was wbusiness was done in under the Nazis. Prescott Bush figures prominently in the lore of the “unified conspiracy theory”. Oh! The senior German officers would then take a member of the soldiers family, hold a gun to their head and ask them what they planned to do next. While I won’t deny that there are civil rights issues in Israel regarding Israeli Arabs, the simple facts are that 10% of the Israeli population are Arabs and they enjoy full legal equality. Herbert Werner Quandt (22 June 1910 – 2 June 1982), was a German industrialist who is regarded as having saved BMW when it was at the point of bankruptcy and made huge profit in doing so. @BMWfan, Edmondson is a senior correspondent in BusinessWeek’s Frankfurt bureau . This apology probably should have happened back in January. But judges concluded that he was a mere Nazi "fellow traveller" who played no active part in committing the crimes of the Third Reich. The had refused for years to pay reparations until they were forced to go public. All they had to do is become the leaders of the Germans and the Germans did what came naturally to them. For the most part, those refugees were absorbed and assimilated. There is a significant difference. Did Henry Ford ever apologize for being a Nazi sympathizer and supporter? Max Fisher was his best friend and FoMoCo, under the deuce, set up a factory in Israel. Günther Quandt (* 28. Shortly after, AFA presents new technology, causing the shares to rise again. They hire an historian to pretend they knew nothing. Die Häftlinge mussten täglich elf Stund… And the Washington Post article that is linked to in the post above merely states that GM and Ford’s wartime activities in Germany were being scrutinized by Holocaust survivors. I am NOT going to repay every Indian or Black person for horrors of others before me. :). Good grief. Next, please try to stay in focus and if you are going to imply that Ford or Prescot Bush did as you say…please submit the facts so we can all see what the heck you are talking about and when//how it all fits in a time line. What I am trying to do is keep it real. 248 in the U.S. Office of the Alien Property Custodian and signed by U.S. Alien Property Custodian Leo T. Crowley. Quandt ist der Name einer deutschen Industriellenfamilie. Their families moved into what is now Israel as the Zionist enterprise created economic growth in what had been a mostly depopulated and desolate backwater in the Ottoman empire. Since you asked, a large number of “Palestinians” can trace their ancestry (well, they could, not saying they would) back to what is now Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq. In 1937, Günther Quandt was appointed the “War Economy Führer.” Family dynasty behind BMW admits to using 50,000 slave labourers during Nazi era Daily Mail. I’m no Bush family lover, but when an organization that is doggedly devoted to exposing antisemitism clears Prescott Bush of Nazi sympathies, I tend to believe it. Here’s a thorough read: According to Daniel Goldhagen’s research, while there are no records of German soldiers being punished for refusing to commit atrocities, there are records of soldiers who asked to be relieved of that duty and were assigned to other tasks without recrimination. What is meaningful is that a family that is worth billions has never acknowledged how that fortune came to be until finally prodded by a television program. The company also established a war plant ready for mobilization day in a “‘safe’ zone” near Berlin, a step taken, according to Schneider, “with the…approval of Dearborn.” Following Hitler’s 1939 invasion of Poland, which set off World War II, German Ford became one of the largest suppliers of vehicles to the Wehrmacht (the German Army). D’uh. As it has said here before by others, you simply can’t compare Nazi Germany with the US. That’s why I make a point of enjoying as many of their superb products as possible. Perhaps more relevant to the topic at hand, from 1948 into the 1950s about 750,000 Sephardi Jews were made refugees from the Arab countries where they were born and lived for generations, by violence and threats of violence against Jews by Arabs aggrieved over the establishment of the State of Israel. Breaking the Silence: BMW’s Quandt Family to Investigate Wealth Amassed in Third Reich Spiegel Online International Did Henry Kissinger Really Plan ‘An Accident’ for Bud Zumwalt? @BMWfan, A lie sucessfully covered up is more powerful than a lie that is exposed. Günther Quandt (1881-1954) babasının tekstil fabrikasını iki dünya savaşının sonunda dev bir imparatorluğa dönüştürdü. It’s absurd to equate voluntary employment with slave labor. Günther Quandt was Emil’s son and became a wealthy German industrialist who built up his father’s businesses and assembled an even larger industrial business empire., “There is a massive difference between what BMW, VW, Bayer, et al did in World War II versus American manufacturing.”. It was war. Papers found at the National Archives show that the company was selling to the SS and the police as well. That May the leader of the Nazi Party in Cologne sent a letter to the plant thanking its leaders for helping “assure us victory in the present [war] struggle” and for demonstrating the willingness to “cooperate in the establishment of an exemplary social state.”…, …In May of 1942, the Superior Court of Cologne finally put Ford Werke in “trusteeship,” ruling that it was “under authoritative enemy influence.” However, the Nazis never nationalized Ford’s German property–plant managers feared it would be turned over to Mercedes or the Hermann Goering Werke, a huge industrial network composed of properties seized by the Reich–and Dearborn maintained its 52 percent share through the duration of the war. ANY company selling war materials and making a profit are by definition…war profiteers! After the war, Quandt received his company, later renamed Varta (VARGK.F), back from the government and continued to build his industrial wealth—the fortune eventually wielded by his son Herbert in 1959 to buy BMW. The Quandt dynasty began in 1883 when Emil Quandt took over a textile company from his father-in-law. He first married Antoine ‘Toni' Ewald. These documents are in the National Archives. The better late than never practice is common. Totally not what I meant to convey with that post. Anything that can scar a man for 50 plus years has to be unspeakably horrible and doesn’t even come close to a textile sweat shop. Herbert’s heirs, including wife Johanna, daughter Susanna Klatten, and son Stefan, today own a controlling 47% stake in BMW, which has a market capitalization of $42 billion. BMW, Audi & Benz. Humans are imperfect. Let’s all hope we never have to relive a chapter of History like that one. 261) and Seamless Steel Equipment Corp. (Vesting Order No. Share. Would you prefer the poor teenagers be unemployed and hungry? Sarah Silverman’s is also critical of Jewish people who drive German cars: ‘If Mercedes could only have seen into the future …The amount of money they would be making from Jewish consumers … maybe they would have helped not kill the Jews but instead, they helped, ugh, er, you know, facilitate a genocide of a people who would ultimately become their best customers…. I wasn’t aware of clothing manufacturers rounding up children based specifically on their religion, separating them from their parents at gun point, tattooing them like cattle with a serial number, then working them to death, or if they did not work fast/hard enough sending them to gas chambers to die. “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”, was the parole valid until 1945. Many […] Or how about the native peoples of Brazil who are about to have their ancestral homes destroyed, along with a million acres of rain forest in the name of progress. You mean like in Jordan, where Jews are not allowed, by law, to be citizens? The Silence of the Quandt Family highlighted how patriarch Günther Quandt, grandfather to the generation now controlling BMW (BMWG.DE), built a blood-stained wartime fortune on the back of slave labor and how he sidestepped postwar recrimination. Required fields are marked *, Review of “Jackals: The Stench of American Fascism” by Alex Constantine, “The Good Taliban”: U.S. After that, nobody really had a chance to change this, whether he was a local GM, Ford, Mercedes boss or even a simple farmer. During World War I, with Günther in charge, the Quandts supplied the German army with uniforms, building up a larger fortune that Günther would use after the war to acquire Accumulatorenfabrik AG (AFA) , a battery manufacturer in Hagen that would become VARTA, a potash-mining company, metal-working companies and stakes in BMW and Daimler-Benz. The Palestinians get better treatment from the Israelis than they deserve. If one died, so what? clean, not least because they were simply flat broke at the time (to the extent that not long after the war Mercedes came close to taking over BMW). The past cannot be changed, but I applaud the Quandt family for coming clean about their ancestor’s roles in wartime atrocities. By the late 19th century, pogroms in Russia and events like the Dreyfuss trial in France convinced many European Jews that there was no future for Jews in Europe. The Nazi’s weren’t in power until Hitler became Chancellor on January 30, 1933. America did not have to be invaded by Canada or another country to end these practices. The 1940s created millions and millions of refugees. The Nazis did not have to threaten. Did they gas the children after they can no longer work? The notion that there were just a handful of bad Nazis and everyone in the Wehrmacht did the dirty work because they had a gun at their head is not supported by the historical record. There are many things that we will never know. “We recognize that in our history as a German business family, the years 1933 to 1945 have not been sufficiently cleared up.”. Did “Nike and other American manufacturers” grab the children at their homes and *forced* them to work in their factories? It’s always been a tad perplexing how many (if not all) Jews have refused to buy Ford products for decades (some, probably to this day, over a half century later) because of Henry Ford’s anti-semitic, pro-Nazi stance, yet seemingly have no problem purchasing high-dollar German cars that were built by people who were, quite obviously, much tighter with the Nazi regime than Henry Ford ever was. and stale bread. Hitler was his best man. I do blame Germans for killing both of my grandfathers during the war. Let’s face it, there were not that many survivors. I will not carry on battles and wars begun before my birth nor carry hatreds against people(s) I have no hatred for. Maybe I should cry myself to sleep tonight because I’m not personally preventing the atrocities that are happening this very moment around the world? Magda left Günther Quandt in 1929, marrying Goebbels two years later. After all…it was well into the Nazi regime before anybody truly understood the horrors being committed. Well RRocket, if you want to drag Ford and the Bush family into this, then you have to mention the Kennedy’s as well since Joe Kennedy was a well known Nazi sympathizer. Günther Quandt. On October 20, 1942, under authority of the Trading with the Enemy Act, the U.S. Congress seized UBC and liquidated its assets after the war. By 1941 Ford of Germany had stopped manufacturing passenger vehicles and was devoting its entire production capacity to military trucks. The TV program stunned Germany and triggered a raft of newspaper stories with headlines such as “The Quandts’ Bloody Billions” and “A Fortune Stained in Blood.” The hour-long documentary included interviews with former slave laborers who testified to the devastating conditions and atrocities which took place at Günther Quandt’s battery company, Accumulatorenfabrik AG (Afa). Right on! But obsessing over and expecting compensatory justice after 65 years is not healthy. I am truly disheartened that a purported wordsmith would rely on Google or other internet searches to divulge as fact, what actually occurred during war. You read, but you do not comprehend. There is no “internet rumour”. Millions of Volksdeutsch we evicted out of Poland and Czechoslovakia. There is not much use in an army winter coat, for example, that soaks so much that you freeze to death when in the field and forced to use it. In the case of the Palestinians, though, the hosting societies deliberately refused to ameliorate their refugee status so as to perpetuate the conflict with Israel. The other is from the Federal Register, and simply reports the seizure of UBC’s assets, which is not disputed. Günther Quandt (28 July 1881 - 30 December 1954) was a German industrialist who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana (chemicals). Off topic, as an avid armchair historian I would also like to point out that we make far too much mention of Nazi atrocities during the war and not nearly enough of those committed by the Japanese. – AC. It is with these kind of tricks that Günther Quandt survives the 1929 recession that hits the entire world, and Germany in particular. The people TODAY, the children of the unholy, are NOT colored by these sins of the dead. That worked out fine. Stunning on how people are attempting to rewrite World War II history from Pearl Harbor (FDR let it happen so he could pull the United States into WWII, so sayeth the tinfoil hat wearing masses) to the use of nuclear weapons was unnecessary and didn’t save any lives, and Ford and GM helped the Nazi’s during World War II. It’s also been known that Quandt’s wife Magda Ritschel, whom he divorced in 1929, remarried Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in 1931 and that Goebbels adopted Quandt’s son Harald. Günther Quandt (28 July 1881 – 30 December 1954) was a German industrialist who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana (chemicals). We were wimps. The documents from the Archives also show that the Bushes and Harrimans shipped valuable U.S. assets, including gold, coal, steel and U.S. Treasury bonds, to their foreign clients overseas between 1931-33. simply deal with hard facts and if not, stop this dirt throwing. The family continued to deny everything until a documentary was run on German television. The Oct. 5 statement by the family noted that Quandt-owned companies BMW, Varta, and Altana, as well as individual family members, contributed to national funds established to compensate former slave laborers but did not mention the sums contributed. These folks used ignorance as a facade so they could pretend not to be responsible for their actions. Perhaps worse the slaves, they were literally worthless, since they didnt cost anything. BMW had nothing to do with it. Günther Quandt (28 July 1881 – 30 December 1954) was a German industrialist and Nazi who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana (chemicals).. @BMWfan, When Palestine grants the same level of freedoms to non-Palestinians as Israelis grant Palestinians, I’ll listen to their claims of victimhood. I agree with Ronnie: ….” your attempt at moral equivalence between America and Nazi Germany is repugnant”……..and I add ignorance beyond comprehension. really? I was going to give Günther the benefit of the doubt as, while we all like to think we’d have been Jan Gies or Col. Claus Graf v. Stauffenberg or Oskar Shindler, the reality is 99.9% of us would have kept our heads down and gone along to get along. Hitler regarded him as “the leader of the growing Fascist movement in America”.”. BMW dynasty breaks silence over Nazi past Telegraph. Industrialist Friederich Flick, by contrast, received a prison sentence of seven years at the Nuremberg Trials for deploying slave labor and for serving the Nazi war machine, but was freed in 1950. It isn’t just about Henry Ford. My Grandfather told me many stories of German soldiers who did not want to go along with the atrocities that were being committed. Sven Quandt, a grandson of Günther and the only family member to appear in the documentary, says that he and his siblings cannot be held responsible for their grandfather’s activities. With the assistance of W.M. Günther Quandt, Kisah Di Sebalik Pemegang Saham Terbesar Syarikat BMW Eza September 10, 2020 8:32 am September 10, 2020 Sebut sahaja kereta BMW, pasti ramai di kalangan kita yang berimpian untuk memiliki kenderaan mewah buatan Jerman tersebut. How can anyone with a working knowledge of history be surprised by this? Efter Günther Quandts død blev dynastiet ført videre af hans to sønner, halvbrødrene Harald Quandt (1921-67) og Herbert Quandt (1910-82). I would much rather pay an extra few dollars for a pair of sneakers and know that the workers that made them are being treated like human beings, instead of like a commodity. There’s no clear way to see through the fog of the war, or how it ended and the ramifications that it still has on the world to this day. 47 % af BMW og kemikalievirksomheden Altana. An enemy sworn to your destruction should be crushed as long as such behavior continues. Look…I like Japanese cars and people…regardless of WW2. Some 200 French prisoners of war were employed.” In a statement to the US Army in 1945, Schmidt said that the Gestapo began to play an important role at Ford Werke after the first foreign workers arrived. Return what was stolen during the War? Dieter – “I played a integral role in and profited from mass Genocide” I could be wrong but offhand I think no more than 100,000 of the 600,000 or so Jews in Palestine in 1947 were survivors of the Holocaust. Lots of companies from Germany have the stain of Nazi involvement. You mean the way Nike and other American companies used child labor in Asia? One is a pdf of some poorly referenced article that someone downloaded from the Internet. The Quandt family fortune began when Herbert Quandt turned BMW from a struggling car company into one of the largest luxury car companies in the … I’m glad the Quandts finally owned up to their past (albeit 6 decades too late) but I’m not sure if it’s right to link this rotten business to BMW as a company. The US had a choice at the end of the war: Let the vanquished live in squalor and taking the chance that another dictatorship (communist or otherwise) might take over; permanently “de-industrialize” Germany and Japan (this was seriously considered by the FDR administration); or rebuild them as democracies and trading partners. He even had odd family ties with the Nazi elite. Open-air apartheid prison camps sure are comfortable. Seriously, say that to the face of a WWII survior. The documentary created only a minor scandal in Germany, because Quandt’s Nazi past had been known. Since you brought it up, I can’t sympathize with a group that has fomented war with Israel from without in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, and from within on a constant basis since the late 19th century. The seizure is confirmed by Vesting Order No. Didn’t you get the memo? Old Man Quandt signed a contract with the SS to obtain concentration camp inmates as workers, with expected turnover of 75 days as the chemicals would kill them all since they were given no protective gear. To say that “that was war” is just a real easy way out. But Benjamin Ferencz, a prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials interviewed in the documentary, said that the facts revealed today likely would have led to Quandt’s conviction for war crimes—similar to those meted out to members of the Krupp and Flick families. What I also do dislike about the Quandt approach is that they supported Hitler BEFORE he came to power (c.f. Are EV Batteries an Environmental Hot Mess? Why do you want to deny employment to willing workers? Most factories in the US were feverishly feeding the American war machine during WWII, so why would Germany be any different? It looks as though we still might have a business that we can carry on in spite of all the difficulties.”…,, Here is another piece exonerates Ford: But it should be noted that its author was paid by Ford for this version of the story. Did they gas the children after they can no longer work? Since the “child labor” isn’t forced to work for Nike, it stands to reason whatever the condition is at the Nike factory, it’s better than the alternative. But finger pointing and going, “ya, well so and so did this,” seems like little more than a weak defense from BMW fanboys who don’t want to feel guilty when they climb into their 5-series to drive to work tomorrow. Treasury was investigating Edsel for violations of the Trading With the Enemy Act. So all I am asking…demanding…is you do the very same for others and stop the drive by shootings here. Please sit down”. That’s a fact. The documentary prompted the Quandt family to do what other German companies had done many decades ago: Employ a historian to examine the family’s history during the Third Reich. Günther Quandt non è stato il fondatore della BMW ma il capostipite della famiglia che ancora oggi controlla il 50% della Casa bavarese. After World War II, Quandt and his older half-brother Herbert Quandt ran the industrial empire that was left to them by their father and that continues today, the family owning a stake in Germany's luxury car manufacturer BMW. God made us this way for a reason. There is a massive difference between what BMW, VW, Bayer, et al did in World War II versus American manufacturing. My Grandfather was in the German army, and when he did not salute a superior officer fast enough, he was thrown in jail for 3 months, fed boiled pork with the hair still on it. Thanks Ronnie, you took the keystrokes right from my fingers. The argument that Israel is an apartheid state is just an attempt by those who hate Israel to tag it with a word that is radioactive, particularly on the political and cultural left. I can’t remember the name of the person offhand, but I do know that at least one FoMoCo sponsored historian who looked into Henry’s anti-semitism from earlier one (eg. I bowed out because I missed the memo where we had progressed in the discussion to insulting relatives. Since this has degenerated into personal attacks, I will no longer respond to any additional posts, however, I will say that since you apparently have a need to insult the relatives of others, my opinion of you has changed considerably. Law, justice, sanity, everything was down the drain then. I’m not a lilly livered hippy greenie – far from it. It was a vicious regime all the way around. Not only did Goebbels and family know what was happening, they were appointed to the ministry. How did this happen? The US policy of Japanese internment and property confiscation was reprehensible, and a little know part of American World War II history. But he didn’t herd them into war production factories and worked them without medical care, proper food, or shelter, until they had no more value as a worker, to be shipped to a death camp for extermination. If you’re going to get on BMW for their war activities, you’ll have to do it separately from the Quandt’s. Eight of the hundred currently richest Germans are among his descendants. Personal greed is no force majeur. I have enough of my own demons to fight every day. It premiered at the Hamburg Film Festival on Sept. 30 and was aired without notice on television later that night, at 11:30 p.m., reaching an estimated audience of 1.3 million. I think he actually brought to light a bit of insight into the timing of the Quandt’s ‘confession.’ They’re reminding an increasingly openly antisemitic Europe that they were instumental in the Holocaust. In 1940 he agreed to make 9,000 Rolls-Royce Merlin engines, 6,000 of which were going to go to England, then at war with Germany., Copy of Vesting Order 248 here: To begin with, Simon Reich was only one of a number of historians who worked on the project and they were hired not by the Ford family but rather by the company. The next step is to pay reparations, do the right thing, and move forward. Regarding Prescott Bush’s position as a director of the Thyssen family-controlled Union Banking Corporation, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has this to say: It’s easy to be smug and claim to want to “pay a few dollars” more, but the reality is that if it weren’t for Nike, some of the “child labor” and their family would be starving. Shoot, Bayer owner 43% of the company that made Zyklon B. In August, under the same authority, Congress had seized the first of the Bush-Harriman-managed Thyssen entities, Hamburg-American Line, under Vesting Order No. Yes, even farmers had to use forced labor, each and every business that was relying on workforce. Still the incident shows that the “family” as it was (remember, Henry only had one child, Edsel, the family was small, even today there are only about 50 Ford cousins who own stock in the company) was not on the same page as Henry. My Grandfather told me many stories of German soldiers who did not want to go along with the atrocities that were being committed. Buchwald, a Ford employee since the mid-thirties, the Gestapo carefully monitored plant activities. Günther Quandt . Anyone who says that they were justified, or carried out under the context of war, is sub human in my opinion. The trouble with Germany started far earlier than WWII. and point of fact…ANY company selling war materials and making a profit are by definition…war profiteers! Shouldn’t someone be charged with War Crimes? Topic. I’m not sure how they became residents of a place they, as you say, want to get rid of. He was born in Pritzwalk in Germany, the son of Emil Quandt (1849-1925), who had married in 1883 the daughter of a rich textile manufacturer (Reichswolle AG) … IF to speak or suggest otherwise is to brand innocent with the wrongs of other guilty. In one letter, penned shortly after France’s surrender, Dollfus assured Dearborn that “we will benefit from the main fact of being a member of the Ford family which entitles us to better treatment from our German colleagues who have shown clearly their wish to protect the Ford interest as much as they can.” A Ford executive in Michigan wrote back, “We are pleased to learn from your letter…that our organization is going along, and the victors are so tolerant in their treatment.

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